Mick Berdan

Unlucky in love, skilled at IDPA competitions, a master at popping clays, often an inept dork with women. Mick has been working for his uncle for years, and enjoys his job.

Comics: 417
Recent Appearance: The End
First Appearance: So it begins.

Alex Boxer

You are not ready for Alex. Don't even front.

Comics: 152
Recent Appearance: Faith
First Appearance: Enter the Alex...

Omar Celik

Mick’s uncle by marriage – a widower who has left a trail of failed marriages in his wake. As the owner of Cheaper Than Your Mom Guns & Ho-Made Beef Jerky, he enjoys nothing more than good whiskey, learning foreign languages, and firearms. Except chasing women.

Comics: 129
Recent Appearance: Investigation 17
First Appearance: Enter the Omar

Heidi Young

A first time gun buyer, thrust into the horrid, cold universe of firearms. But wait! Mick is there to be her hero! Or something.

Comics: 93
Recent Appearance: Major Problems 5
First Appearance: Enter the redhead

Joe Howard

A descendant of Jamaican immigrants, Joe brings a certain "kick" to the comic.

Comics: 36
Recent Appearance: Stinging 2
First Appearance: Meet Joe

Tom Lynne

Trained to kill a man with any weapon at all - even his bare hands. Ready and willing to lay his life on the line for the citizens of America. Special operations are his specialty. Too cool for the military, too badass for law enforcement. He's Tom Lynne, Level III Licensed, Armed Security Guard.

Comics: 26
Recent Appearance: Investigation 9
First Appearance: Enter the mall ninja

Archibald Q. Gunowner and his wife Brenda.

Starring in various nonsensical strips, these two fine citizens are entirely filled with straw.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Military-style Police
First Appearance: The date #4

Maria Villanuevos

Omar's new love interest! She's probably not ready for any of this...

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Investigation 17
First Appearance: Omar's New Squeeze 1

The 22 Whisperer

The quiet lurker at the gun shop, who eerily sits and inspects a specific kind of rifle. Where did he come from? Why does he lurk? This will be answered at some point...

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Question to Dad
First Appearance: Muttonchops


Иван человек-загадка. Он не должен быть трахал с. Вы узнаете больше о нем в грядущие времена - Темные времена.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Calling The Dealer
First Appearance: Two crates for $2k