Plot! Yes, more plot! Who is this freak with the bald head? What does he do? All this and more, soon…

So. Haven’t gone shooting in a month, and I’m itchy – especially now that I fixed the firing pin on my Hi-Point. Pictures coming soon, no doubt – I NEED to go shooting.

October is my favorite month. I’ll admit, my goth punk tendencies kinda make it so. Suddenly, everyone is dressing like me. Right on.

But one of the greatest things about this month, in North Texas, is that the temperature FINALLY drops to the point that shooting outdoors is comfortable again. The rest of the year, I have to wear skimpy clothing to be comfy in the 110 degree heat. Nobody wants that, I tells ya.

Here’s Hickok 45 having some fun with a pumpkin – I intend to outdo him this year, and will post video when I do.