Some of the comics in the next week or two will get instructional. Welcome Heidi! She’s looking to become a new gun owner.

I won’t lie: I have a penchant for redheads. This is not to say I have a “type” of woman I prefer, but it can’t be coincidence that the majority of women I’ve found attractive have, by genes or hair dye, sported some red. Mel does her hair a cherry chocolate every few months, for instance.

It should be noted that FTF is a different setup for me and Mel. On Two Lumps, she drives and I just draw. She sends me a script, she runs the site, she manages the business. I am but a dude who draws cats – I started TL on my own, and quickly ran out of cat jokes. Mel picked up the reins and drove the comic to stardom.

Not so with FTF. This is a much more collaborative work. I came up with the storyline, for the most part, as well as the character designs. I do the art, and most of the direction is my own. That said, Mel often provides the punchline (case in point – Heidi’s last line of dialogue), and she designed the site and runs it. It’s still a collaboration – I just haven’t been THIS much in the driver’s seat since the old days of FLEM, 10 years ago. Feels good, man.

Although I am not fond of his disregard for proper ear and eye protection, I do love FPS Russia’s videos. He gets to use some killer weapons to have fun. I kind of envy him. Only a little, because I live in Texas, and I can call in favors to shoot any of the guns he shoots.