I’m still waiting to see how many people get the joke behind Tom’s name.

Full disclosure: I’ve never worked in a gun shop. I’d have liked to, in my 20s, but instead I spent my time shooting without entering the industry. (Mostly because my friends who worked in gun shops made jack-all on their paycheck.) The meat of these comics comes from our close personal friends who HAVE worked the industry, including a friend who’s buying a prominent gun shop in Ft. Worth. Also, all the time I spent hanging out in gun stores, watching the poor bastards working there deal with an intense amount of bullshit. More on that later.

This is one of my favorite strips. AGREE WITH HOW CLEVER I AM.

I’d like to reassure people, once again, that the upcoming opinions of Mick in this strip are NOT mine. Mick is a fictional character. He is NOT me – frankly, as you will see, I’d force him to chug a couple shots of Jack and demand he stop his whining. True, we’re both huge fans of the AK, and we both dislike Glocks for personal reasons, but that’s about it. He’s really, really not my analogue in any way.

There WILL be another character in the strip who is a lot closer to me in demeanor and beliefs, but she’s not due to show up for at least 3 months.

If you needed a reason to hate me, as if there aren’t enough already, I own a Hi-Point C9. And I kinda like it. It’s the worst firearm I own, and I would never trust my life to it, but it’s fun to shoot. This is one of my favorite videos about this gun that shows that no, they are NOT cheap pieces of shit that will blow up in your hand. Impossible to clean easily, crappy sight picture, WORST trigger in the world, but… dammit, they’re built tough.