OK, this was my favorite strip to draw thus far. A lot. I was giggling like a stooge the whole way while drawing, scanning, coloring, and lettering it. Yes, I will likely do other strips after this that will become new favorites, but for now? I love this one.

It may be a cliché statement, but dammit, I do believe it: Guns do not kill people. People kill people. A recent argument led to someone saying that toasters make toast. This is incorrect. A toaster allows a person to make toast, but it’s still an inert object. It cannot just wander around the kitchen, attacking bread, making crunchy breakfast comestibles. A person has to act, and cause the toaster to make toast.

This shouldn’t even be up for debate, in my world. Screwdrivers do not magically float through the air and undo random screws. Marijuana does not force human beings to smoke it, thereby making them high. Cars do not decide to drive themselves hither and yon. Blaming the object for the outcome is to duck the responsibility of the human being wielding it.

In other news: