Yeah, I’m sick to fuck of this.

Some of you already know my stance. I rubbed elbows with law enforcement, a lifetime ago, as a teen. I wanted to be a cop. Then I saw what that was like, firsthand, and I didn’t want to be a cop anymore. Mostly because I didn’t have enough hatred of humanity at large.

Yeah, I know, some of you will argue that there are good cops. Some of you will argue that you are good cops.

Here in America? You show me a “good cop,” I’ll show you a cop who saw other officers breaking the law, and said nothing.

The police in this country really do see it as “us against the public.” And they’ll snottily whine about gang members and people who want to kill them for wearing the badge. They live in a state of paranoia, mixed with a heaping dose of fear. And stay with me here: That is not how you “serve and protect.”

Cops break the law and abuse their power every fucking day. I’ve been preaching this for half my life, to anyone who would listen. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist and cop hater the whole time. People are just now starting to realize that their local police force is nothing more than a legal street gang. They can murder, rape, extort, and beat anyone they want to – and the department will back them up, on the taxpayer dime. Law enforcement in this country has become a fucking disgusting sham.

So no, cops don’t need MRAPs. They don’t need to wear more l33t Operator kit than our roommate did this last time he was in Afghanistan. If the cops are given that level of equipment, all it does is empower them to keep oppressing the people they should, in theory, be protecting.

What a world.

Any LEOs who take offense to this, and want to argue that I’m just a shitbag running his mouth? Understand that this is how a vast majority of the American Public views you. I’m not a felon. I’m not a gang member. We don’t see you this way because we just hate cops. We feel this way because we’ve had personal experiences with crooked cops, acting like armed thugs.

Maybe? Just maybe?

You should work on changing that. By not being a fucking thug.