Here’s the scoop, and you can blame me for being a moderate liberal who lives in this thing called reality:

If you hit a LEO with “AM I BEING DETAINED OR AM I FREE TO GO?” they will be a dick to you. I speak from experience. I know, I know, everyone believes the youtube videos of people challenging law enforcement. And I’m not a fan of cops – at all. I’m very libertarian in my view of police. I can tell you from firsthand situations – you get combatative with a cop? You get knocked the fuck down and fucked with.

I’m not a big fan of cops.

Speaking of youtube bullshit:

Someone showed me this video today, and I hope you shake your head as hard as I did. I grew up in poverty, in SoCal. Doing shit like this in certain neighborhoods will get you fucking killed on the spot. Apparently these guys have a youtube channel of these kinds of hilarious jackanapes. They continuously try to apologize for it by saying “IT’S A PRANK, LOOK, WE HAVE A CAMERA.” I still maintain that these guys? Are trying to commit suicide.

If you walk up and snatch my cell phone, claiming you just want to “check out what time it is,” and then (once I start beating your ass) yell “IT’S A PRANK, THERE’S A CAMERA,” I’m still probably going to beat your ass to a pulp. If you walk up me in a public space and ask me, out of the blue, if I want to buy a gun, while reaching into your back pocket? I’m going to hit you so hard your granddaughter’s teeth will be born bruised. These guys are fucking idiots. It’s not about race, although they seem to take great glee in targeting black people – I literally grabbed my console pistol at the drive-through ATM today when a white panhandler knocked on my window out of the blue. He wanted a cigarette (I didn’t have any) and he seemed offended that I would go for my gun when I’m PARKED AT THE ATM AND DEPOSITING A CHECK. (I gave him a dollar and told him to go buy his own smokes, god damn it. He fucked off when I waggled my piece.)

Fucking people, man.