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I’ll admit that my racial sensitivity when it comes to Hebrew folks is a wiggling needle that I consistently try to tune better, as a bunch of my friends are Jews. Most of the ones I know don’t follow dietary law, which led to some hilarity a few years back when they came to one of our barbecues and I proudly noted that I’d gotten them some all-beef smoked sausage. (And they laughed and ate the pork ribs.) Other friends of the Hebrew notion ARE dietary strict, so it’s like… man. I have to ask them things instead of assuming. Maybe the Jewish folks can start, I dunno, giving themselves a visual marker that we Gentiles can see, without asking? To keep us from assuming anything, or accidentally making a cultural faux pas. I dunno, maybe they could all get a tattoo on their forearms?

(Please send all pitchforks and torches and grenades and pipe bombs to someone else. I really don’t give a shit if you found this offensive.)

Racism is such a fun topic, don’t you think? Yep, let’s blow up the comments section of this one. Like a Palestinian.

I still think Sir Minchin has the right idea.

[EDIT] God damn it.[/edit]