I’ll be honest, having worked at a fine dining restaurant in DFW that often had a mariachi band playing out front – these fuckers can get pricey. And why wouldn’t they? At least 4 trained musicians, playing good music*? But people can and do try to whittle down their rates, sometimes using ridiculous bargaining chips.

*I personally love mariachi music live, but YMMV.

Big days recently in the news. Love him or hate him, G.W. Bush certainly stacked the deck alright. And our constitutional rights continue to erode. Does it bother anyone else that these recent decisions have all been 5-4 split? I dunno about you, but that isn’t a decisive ruling, in my mind. But it is what it is.

And then we have THIS bullshit, which sticks in my craw in so many ways, it feels like I’m trying to swallow a handful of broken glass. Gosh, you’re invested in the Gun Control topic because you managed to create a child? So did I. You want your child to grow up in a world without unwarranted gun violence? So do I. But because you know nothing about guns, and think they’re a frightful boogeyman, you expect me to respect you? Eat a bag of dogshit and die in a fiery hell.

Idiots. Idiots abounding.

Again, Mental Health Care is the answer. But that takes effort and time. Lord knows, we can’t have that. No, let’s just ban certain guns because they look scary to mommies whose only “gun expertise” is that they think guns are bad (blanket statement) and kids are holy.