So a lot of you know this already, but Mel and I are best known for doing a comic about a couple cats. It’s a cat comic we’ve been doing for over ten years, called Two Lumps. It was only proper that they end up in here at some point.

Some might say crossover comics are lazy, but I’d argue that fuck you.

Cats and guns, man. Cats and guns. That’s an adequate description of our lives.

Update on the Bundy thing: I stand by my assertion. Rep. Steven Horsford’s message was a lie. A setup. We have the first Bundy camp denial:

Bundy denies that militia members set up checkpoints on public property. He said armed guards do stop and screen visitors at the gate to his ranch.

It’s a setup, folks. A setup.

Fuck it, it’s Friday. Everyone get naked and drink vodka.

Edit: Auto update is not working when I schedule for 2:00 am CST. Gonna try moving it to 5:00 am.