I wish I was making up the price point retailers are setting for .22 LR right now.

Disgusting. Yeh, I know, a bunch of you Free Market Worshipers are going to scream that the system is working, supply vs. demand, etc. I’m not saying that we need laws against it, or any of that bullshit. But I am allowed to say things like, I dunno, “I will never buy ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt again because they are price gouging like shitheads right now.” (They sold that exact same ammo for $230 14 months ago. I still have the catalog on my bathroom toilet.) My distaste and derision is also part of the free market. A lot of Hardline Capitalists tend to forget that consumer opinion is also part of the Free Market. They want to dismiss unhappy customers, and say that retailers can charge anything they want. And they can! And customers like myself will tell those retailers to eat shit, and call them horrible people – but oh no, I’m not allowed to have an opinion! That makes me a COMMIE!

The reality is that ammo retailers right now are price gouging like motherfuckers. Any company that tries to gouge me today will not get my business in the future, when the Obamascare Mk II goes away. Cabela’s, for instance, will keep my business – because if they have the ammo, they’re selling it for what it retailed for in 2010. This means they run out of bullets fast, but they at least have some fucking integrity. Meanwhile, my local Walmart just got a shipment of 9mm, a big stack of it. Federal ball ammo. Boxes of 50 rounds. And today, I had them price check it. They’re selling this craptacular plinking ammo for $22 a box.

Fuck that.