Oh hey, look who’s back!

Like you didn’t expect this.

Just to open up conversation: What’s your favorite .22 LR ammo? Throughout my life, I’ve had the best fun in my 10/22s with Remington Golden, which rarely misfire, and have damn good accuracy, with very little barrel fouling. Even when blowing off 500 rounds in a day. I also hunted in my younger years, and still plink today sometimes, with CCI .22 Stinger – warnings be damned, they fire just fine out of my 10/22.

Got a line on a good, unknown brand? Reply in the comments!

It’s no secret that, although I love 7.62×39, .223, .357 mag, etc. for their stopping power… my first love and still my favorite today is the .22 LR. Given a survival situation, I’d rather have a 10/22 over any other firearm. Poachers in Texas have proven again and again that .22 LR can drop a deer. I often go by the rule of thumb that any firearm that can drop a deer can also drop a human being. I might have to put 5 or 10 rounds into a human to drop them, but they will drop – and as I keep my 10/22 loaded with 25 round mags? Not really a problem.

I just wish .22 LR ammo wasn’t a fucking ghost right now.