This is where my gun logic fails me. I’ve never seen anything like it.

To me, the whole point of owning a .22 LR rifle is that, well, the Ruger 10/22 is the most reliable, durable weapon I’ve ever fired, yes. I grew up plinking and hunting with one, and the 10/22 is still my hands-down favorite firearm ever. But aside from that, the whole point of buying a .22 or converting your current rifle to .22 LR is ammo is supposed to be cheap and plentiful.

Hah. Not so much with Obamascare II. Mel and I have had to jump through some hoops and search a lot, but we’ve been able to find somewhat affordable 9mm, .357 mag, .223, and of course 12 ga everything is still easily found. (For the pistols and rifles, we’ve found the internet has some good deals if you buy bulk.) But .22 LR? It’s a fucking unicorn. I’m down to my last 900 rounds, and I want to be able to fire my damn 10/22 with impunity. But no – rimfire .22 LR is a fucking ghost, still. Cabela’s gets a shipment every so often for reasonable prices (about a buck more than before Obamascare II, per box of 50), but the rest of the time I’ve seen travesties like this shit going on.

$80 BUCKS FOR 500 ROUNDS OF GODDAMN .22 LR??? In 2011, a 500 round box of brand-name .22 was $22 at Walmart!!! And shit, it’s Centurion! Bargain basement generic bullshit! Not even Remington or CCI!!!

So much for that. $0.16/round? For .22 LR? The Mosin Nagant is now comparable to fire, at $0.20/round. Twist that one around your head a bit. Shit, I have almost as much 7.62 x 54r as I do .22 LR right now, on hand, and honestly, I can replenish THAT big beast much more easily after shipping.

Ugh. Sad state of affairs. Know what we should do to these overcharging retailers?