OH yeah, this keeps on rollin’.

So have y’all mothafuckaz checked this shit yet? I posted the article on my Facebook, and the discussion got very saucy.

Personally, right to bear arms be damned, I would like to see tasers banned in the USA. For civilians AND for LEOs. They’re not “weapons.” They’re tiny torture devices that work with only middling reliability on the target. I’ve been tased with a strong fucking stun gun – yeh, it rattled my teeth for about 10 seconds, but it didn’t “put me out of the fight.” At no point in law enforcement personnel’s ladder of Escalation Of Force should an option be a device that can kill (if you have a medical condition) unexpectedly. No. Fuck tasers. Any situation law enforcement or a civilian can get into that requires that particular device can arguably be solved with the use of a baton, or a fucking stiff kick in the balls. They’re horrible shit.

And now, Hanzel Und Getyl, because YEAH DAMN RIGHT. Whatever they’re singing about.