All kidding aside, what’s going on in Connecticut is pretty interesting. In the wake of Sandy Hook, a bunch of scum-sucking, bottom-feeding lawmakers passed a law that basically boils down to: You have to register your rifles if they look scary.

Lo and behold: the populace straight up refused to register, for the most part. Doing so makes them felons. Again, because it bears repeating, it’s estimated that over 348,000 Connecticut residents own AR-15s and AKs, and other “military-style, semi-automatic rifles”. Fewer than 50,000 obeyed this new law and registered. That means there are now close to 300,000 brand new felons in the state.


I am utterly opposed to this kind of belligerent legislation, and to those three hundred thousand citizens, I say: Good on ya. Fuck the po-lice. They can’t take all of you. Stand strong. To the 50K who pussied out and registered? Fuck you. You are part of the problem. Worldwide, in the last 50 years, it’s been proven in various countries that registration of this sort leads to confiscation. Point blank. One need only look at Canada and Australia on that. It is none of any American Governmental Body’s business which guns you own, or how many. That’s right there in the Constitution. I’ve said before, here in the comic, and in real life: Obama is not going to come for your guns. Your state and local government will. They are the biggest threats to the 2nd Amendment. Don’t believe me? The Federal AWB Mark 2 was dead in the water in Obama’s presidency – but California and other states and cities have no problem stomping on your right to bear arms. Watch your state and local gov’t. They’ll be the ones to bend you over a dirty trash can and fuck you.

Texas ain’t perfect, but I do love living here. Bullshit like this will not fly here. Closest we have is a ban on open carry.

In other news, I just found this band, and hooooooo nellie, I like ‘em.

ADD: I don’t often engage the anti-gun fuckers, but this guy does it damned well.