No, no, the founders were only thinking of hunting and sporting! THAT’S the real true spirit of the 2nd Amendment!

*empties vomit bowl*

Anyone who doesn’t get the joke: I am sick to fuck of people trying to reinterpret the 2nd Amendment. When the colonies started to rebel, the conflict was not over sporting or hunting. The Brits tried to disarm the colonists. Alas, they were too late, and the colonists were able to fight back against ans oppressive government. The right of our nation to bear arms is not based on clay pigeon shooting, or hunting. It’s based on self defense. It’s based on our right to kill a motherfucker if they get out of line, be they criminal or governmental. Since just after the founding of this nation, the government has been trying to remove weaponry from the populace.

I am a moderate Liberal, but as I say often, I hold the 2nd Amendment sacred. I don’t think it should be a party line topic. My first and foremost responsibility is to protect my life, my loved ones, and my property. The argument of gun control is one that states that I shouldn’t need a fire extinguisher, because I already have 9-1-1 on my phone, and the fire dept. can deal with anything that happens in my home. That’s bullshit, and it’s bad for ya. Gun control is bullshit.

Lord, I’ve had a few beers tonight.