Yup. It’s a necessary evil when you run a business. Employees. Ugh. Who the fuck needs ‘em?

Regarding yesterday’s brouhaha, I’m gonna poke the fucking bear, because some of the comments were fucking ridiculous.

OK, so. As the comedian I linked yesterday pointed out: Say you don’t believe in climate change. Fine, it’s a free country, you can choose to rabidly, angrily disbelieve any of it, for whatever bullshit reason you rationalize. Fair.

Now, answer the question: what’s wrong with moving our country to cleaner, more efficient energy than fossil fuels? As 2 the Gryphon pointed out: Even if all climate change data is worng, you get cleaner air, water, and land. What’s the fucking problem? Why do so many people scream and hate and rage and rail when their precious gasoline economy is threatened? Do you own stocks in Texaco? Does your family come from a long line of oil barons? Do you have a fetish for natural gas and crude oil? Seriously, there’s a small contingent, any time that climate change is brought up, who just rage and froth and hop around like someone just showed them pictures of their mother sucking wholesale dicks. What’s the problem? I’m seriously asking.

I do believe that climate change is occurring. I’m not a militant about it. But we now have the technology to have cars powered by the sun, and homes powered by wind. Seriously. You can even pick that shit up at Walmart. So what’s your beef? Why does the idea of solar and wind power piss you off to the same degree that Obama would if he pissed on a bible and punched your grandmother in the face?

This isn’t a strawman either. I’ve worked with more than a handful of people who straight got livid if the words “global warming” came up in a conversation. In person. Not the internet. When I did this comic back in 2009, I got a big steaming inbox of livid hatred from the freeps.

Why does this topic inspire you to such ridiculous hatred? Couldn’t you repurpose that rage into some other, more beneficial activity? Like picking up trash at a local park?

If this post pisses you off again, blow me. Just settle the fuck down, have a Coke, and tell me why, exactly, you get so rabid.