Nobody likes change.

This shit been blowing up on my social media feeds. As noted in this link, Form 4473 has asked about race and ethnicity since the W years. Hell, I’ve been marking my “race’ as “other” for years before Barrack Hussein Obama took office. Once again, Obama is not a magical devil coming to take away White Men’s guns. At best, he talks a lot of hooey about gun control, without actually doing anything. He’s a boogeyman.

I’m not saying that politicians aren’t trying to take away our firearms rights. They are. But this shouldn’t be a fucking left/right argument. As was recently splattered as an accusation at me in the comments of this comic: I’m a moderate Liberal. Yep. No denying it. I believe in Welfare, Abortion rights, and freedom of religion and speech. Get the fuck over it. I also believe in the 2A, and I believe that it is THE amendment that makes all of the others possible. Even though our rights are being eroded every day.

I’m on your side, you cunts. Stop getting shitty because I don’t march in lockstep with you. The important thing is that we’re all here and alive, and capable of disagreeing without jackbooted thugs stomping our front doors down for the expression of our beliefs.