Ain’t it great when you have something hairy land in your lap at work?

Started a new day job this week, seems to be kickin. Good co-workers, good duties. We’ll see how it goes.

Seems a few people got their knickers in a twist about yesterday’s blog post. Fuck ‘em, don’t care. I’ve been doing comics a long damn time. I have said before, and I’ll say again: If something I say pisses you off, you will get exactly NO leverage with me by saying anything along the lines of “YOU JUST LOST A READER.” None. Zip. I don’t care. If my personal opinion means SO MUCH to you that you JUST CAN’T READ MY COMICS anymore, oh well. Namaste. I’m going to keep doing comics, and you will do whatever it is you do. I won’t even notice that you aren’t reading anymore. (The idea that I’d notice without your flouncing exit, stage left, is laughable. You, as a singular person, ain’t that important.) Frankly, it’s fucking self-centered of you to think that I need to agree with your opinions in order to produce a good comic. Don’t agree with my opinion? Get the fuck over it and move the fuck on. I’m just a guy, and I put my kilt on one leg at a time, like everyone else.

In other, NON-running-people-over SDCC news, I sorely wish we could have gone to this panel.