Aaaaaaaaand we’re back. In pretty much every way possible.

Sorry about the lack of update. I mean that – to have a running streak that long, only to have a laptop fuck it all up, was disappointing to me. You may note that the archive link for yesterday is blank for now – I will likely backfill it with a comic, at some point this week. But for now, I’m just dusting off my jeans and hurling right back into the storyline.

Comic Con was, as always, fucking hardcore. My whole goddamn body hurts, like I’ve just gotten back from a 5 day mountaintop tour.

I would like to address a rumor I heard while I was there. It involves the Zombie Walk, and the “Driver who Ran People Over.” We first learned of this because the corner you’ll see in these videos is LITERALLY just outside our hotel. We were done with the con for the day, walking back, and the whole intersection was thick with cops, cordoned off with crime scene tape. The initial news stories said that a driver just plowed into the members of the walk, like some kind of drunken douchebag.

Videos surfaced yesterday, and they tell a very different story.

This guy was trying to get through the intersection. When he honked, the crowd got unruly, jumped onto his car, and one member started beating on his windshield. At this point, he floored it and got the fuck out.

If you watch that slowed down, the situation was getting really ugly, really fast. A couple guys jump onto the car. One tries to open the passenger side door. I don’t blame the driver one instant for gunning it, and guess what? The cops don’t either.

If you were one of the rowdy douchebags who caused this, fuck you.