Tip O’hat to my buddy Ben, who works in the Firearms trade.

Turns out? Stocking a brand new gun store is really, really expensive. REALLY expensive. But at least Alex has the liquid funds to make it happen.

So I may do a comic in the upcoming days about this. Or perhaps this. Or, fuck, even this. I don’t fucking know anymore. When I started this comic, I thought the world had gone insane already. Little did I know that the insanity was just beginning. Shit doesn’t really make sense anymore. Regardless of your politics, if you have a sound mind, I think we can all agree that this country, and this world, is straight fucked the fuck up.

So in that regard, time for a call out for guest strips!

If you are a cartoonist, I’m looking for another week of FTF guest strips. Note that I am not looking for fan art. Don’t get me wrong, I like fan art as much as the next cartoonist – but if someone does a guest strip, I want them to have a comic online already, that FTF fans might enjoy.

Interested? Send me an email at flemcomics@yahoo.com – or even just send your comic and the site to link to. I only need five, so if I get more than that, I’ll choose the best of the bunch. The only requirements are:

– The strip must be related to the comic, or firearms in general in some way.
– It should be 600 pixels wide. No limits on height.

That’s it! So send me your art. If you want free hits on your site and whatnot.

And have a good weekend! I’ll be busy cleaning my guns and making sure my survival stores are 5 by 5.