EDIT: Oh my god, I fucked this up so badly. You might think the comic didn’t update – Click Here to see how I fucked up.

This is purely placeholder text.

If you read this without me editing it, understand that Mel and I just did the convention that, annually, is our most hectic and lucrative, and I am likely nursing a hangover that would kill God himself. If this comic updates without me changing this text, and posting various pics of the con, feel free to lambaste me for being a pantywaist.

Not placeholder: Welcome our good Soviet friend, Komrad Wodkeh! I figure many of you have met him before.

Reminder: Mel and I are at A-Kon! We did setup today. Holy fucking shit, this new hotel is HUGE. It’s sincerely rivaling the San Diego Convention Center. After doing A-Kon for years at the Sheraton downtown, this place… it boggles the mind. The Artist’s Alley alone is at least twice the area of the last one. We had to unload our merch through the Dealer Room, and that motherfucker could hold two football fields. Already, the other webcartoonists are in attendance.

Tonight, Mel and I are crashing at home, having set up the booth. Tomorrow?

Tomorrow, we go to war.

I’m writing this Thursday night, so you know. If you’re reading this, we’re already at the con. If you’re in the DFW area: come see us!