You can see the supplemental update for Monday, June 3rd to see how badly I fucked up here.

Simply put, I forgot to upload this particular strip. It was finished, on my hard drive, and I totally fucked up and somehow uploaded the strips from the day before, the day after, but not this one. Probably stress from preparing for A-Kon, work, etc. This led me to thinking I’d run out of comics, and a panic during A-Kon. Turns out I just fucked up. Unfortunately, I can’t just skip this strip – it comes into play in later plot. GAAAAAH.

I cannot excuse this. I am a horrible monster, and I should pray for death. You should all pray for my death.

Anyhoo, here’s the strip. Fixing this fuckup was far, far harder than I thought it would be. Please forgive me, O internets.