Get it? HE ALSO BROKE UP HIS PHONE! I kill me!

Well, I at least cripple me. Mauling, really.

Because we CONSTANTLY get people at conventions who are SHOCKED, SHOCKED I SAY that we’re in attendance: Mel and I are at A-Kon starting today. Actually starting last night, which is weird, since I’m typing this up Monday. But anyhoo: We are at A-KON 24 here in Dallas, until Sunday. (If you try to use this information to rob our house, you will face our housesitters, who are armed with Mossbergs and explicit instructions to shoot buck-and-ball center mass. No, not kidding.) We will be there representing FTF and Two Lumps (our more famous comic, for now). Cyanide & Happiness’s Rob and Heather will be there, as well as madame Jennie of Breeden, sire Fred “Trunks” Wood (looking for a rematch in our boxing tourney), the illustrious Juno (who also fronts and plays in one of my all-time favorite bands, Absinthe Junk and jesus I am slowly developing a huge bonerfied crush on that lass), and many, many more. Come see us! We’ll have the FOABS Shirt ($15 in person!), as well as copies of Hooray, I’m Evil! As always, I will be doing sketches of all our various characters (yes, including
Manuel the Goddamn Wonder Snail, I don’t know WHY so many people ask for a sketch of him) for free. As always at the cons we accept cash, credit cards, and donations of whatever horrible booze you want to destroy our livers with.

Seriously, what I said about Juno? Unf. Love this gal. I just discovered they have a video for this song! I have the album, and honestly, Death In The Afternoon is an outstanding mash of prog rock, goth pop, and something they haven’t invented a genre for yet. Think Garbage, if Shirley Manson played like 20 fucking instruments, and had a wider vocal range.