As was pointed out in the comments, I am not the first cartoonist to use a sentient bottle of booze in a strip. So it goes. I still like the idea of vodka making someone’s life hell. A bit like the strip of The Gun That Runs Around Killing People By Itself. Inanimate objects are funny when anthropomorphic.

Again, sorry about the fuckup. I was so neck-deep in preps for A-Kon, I screwed up and forgot to upload the strip for last Thursday, and scheduled the others on the wrong days. I discovered this last night, while we were throwing on hell of a booze-soaked afterparty, and had to try to bumble my way through fixing it. I’d have just rolled with it, but the strip that was left out IS important to upcoming strips.

A-Kon has come and gone, and as always, it was an exhausting thrill ride. We’ve been doing this con for the last 8 years as vendors, and I’ve been attending it before that as a simple plebe since the mid-1990s. This is the 4th venue change the convention has seen – first year at the Hilton Anatole, which is an ungodly-huge hotel.

As always, the first year at the new venue was a gigantic clusterfuck. Nobody knew where anything was, what the rules were, or what they could get away with. This is expected. It still rocked face. A-Kon is swiftly becoming one of the biggest comics/anime/nerd stuff conventions in the nation, and we always love seeing the fans, doing the panels, hanging out with the various other comic pros we only see once per year, and generally raising hell. Oh, and making fat stacks of cash. Let us not gloss over the fat stacks of cash.

We also always take the Monday after A-Kon off from our day jobs, so we can shift gears and go back to work without feeling aggro. I have spent the entirety of today nursing a 4-day hangover, playing with pictures of the con, and working on comics slowly. Recuperating.

And we don’t have to do this again for… uh. 7 weeks. When we attend Comic Con International in San Diego.

Oh… god help us all…