Of course, if Mick wasn’t there to pull Omar’s fat out of the fire, what would happen? Perhaps we shall see.

Or not.

What a holiday week. Spent it in NorCal. (I’m actually typing this from a house in Sebastopol, Cali, visiting family. Everything I type is based on both things I’ve done, and things I plan on doing.) We saw the Redwoods with kidlet, hit the coast, ate at the Tides. Drank ourselves silly with lots of Mel’s family. Then I won a poker tournament for a bajillionty dollars, and beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at an arm wrestling contest! Instead of taking his money, I demanded he make gun control laws in California disappear, so by the time you read this, Californians should be able to own actual firearms! You’re welcome!*

*As I am typing this days in advance, some of this may not have actually occurred.

I find it amusing that Chrome Spellcheck has no problem with the word “Schwarzenegger.”

And now: Gun porn. Watching this video made my trigger finger hurt. Note that 700 rounds of steel cased 7.62 set the handguards smoldering, but NOT ONE FTF. Try that in an AR-15.