To be fair, I’d experienced Reverse Cowgirl [NSFW] for years before I found out the name. So Mick’s probably done that already.

Although this is fiction, I do tend to test my ammo when I find a new manufacturer. Before Obamascare, it usually went with something like this example:
– In 2010, CTD sold Ulyanovsk 7.62x39mm ammo for $3.15 a box during a week-long, in-store sale.
– Being unfamiliar with this manufacturer (I usually shoot Tula or Centurion out of my SKS), I bought 3 boxes and immediately hit the range.
– Blowing through those three boxes, I had no FTFs, and only one Failure to Eject – near the end, when my rifle was dirty, so the ammo was likely not to blame. Accuracy was on par with my regular brands.
– So I went back to CTD and grabbed 20 more boxes. Still lighting that shit off at the range, 3 years later.

I have had a bad experience or two in the past – my least favorite was Sellier & Bellot JHP .38. My revolver is in fine condition – out of the 50 rounds I bought to test, 38 of the brass casings cracked when fired, upon startling inspection. As in split like a seam down the side. Just to make sure it wasn’t my gun, I fired 50 rounds of FMJ .38 Winchester White Box that same day, and the brass on those did not split. I contacted S&B, explained the issue, sent them pics of the damaged casings, and a pic of the batch number on the box. They never replied. I asked them again. They never replied. So fuck that ammo. (At the same time, S&B .357 SP has never had this problem in the same revolver.

Holy shit, googling this just now, seems someone else had this exact same issue.

For the record, this video by someone else is an example of why I do not rapid-fire with untested ammo at the ranch. Listen to your shots. I’ve had a squib load fuck up a Browning .22 of mine ages ago. Damn bullet got stuck halfway down, I didn’t notice until the next shot. If I’d been paying attention, I might have been able to fix it. Tried hammering the bullets out with a wooden dowel, no dice. The barrel was fucked – I ended up selling the rifle to a gunsmith friend for $100 less than I’d paid for it.