Bring on the flamewars, you goons!

As some of you already know, I’m a moderate Liberal. (Frankly, I’d have been a Republican, before Reagan saturated the party with evangelical nitwits.) I’ve been tepid about Obama for the last few years, and the PRISM shit, drone usage, peace talks with the Taliban, and his refusal to stop supporting the PATRIOT act have sent me into “He’s a fucking awful person and a bad president” territory. But I also have read things called “books,” learned “information” by reading “words,” and if there’s one thing I can’t stand about the Teabaggers, it’s their constant flinging of several words around.

“Communist.” Really? That’s supposed to be scary? Oh, hey, folks, the 1950s called, and they want their nationalist paranoia back. Even with current affairs, the Soviet/USA cold war is fucking over. We won. I know you don’t like to hear it. You want to sleep more soundly at night, thinking the Communists are forever lurking, like grout fungus, and only your adherence to Capitalism, like it’s some kind of RELIGION instead of an economic model, keeps us safe. You want to think that your right to eat fast food is somehow saving the country.

Psst! SPOILER ALERT! We still don’t have a real Free Market system. (Thank heavens, on that. I kind of like being able to buy food that doesn’t give me ebola or mad cow disease just because it’s inexpensive.)

Obama is no more a communist than I am a Rastafarian. What he IS, is a very bad president, who is supporting bad laws and bad legislation. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t it enough that the two-party system just fucked us all over like a roofied high school senior at a prom gang bang? Couldn’t we come up with better arguments than “Obamunazi,” which doesn’t even make sense as a compound word insult? Where the fuck did that extra letter U come from? Should we also call the president a “boogerhead” and “a dork”?

Let’s get our shit together, folks.