I’ll admit that I’ve done this more than once. I like powered cans when shooting indoors, but in a non-enclosed, outdoor range, I much prefer plugs for pistols and light rifles. Plugs AND cans for shotguns and heavy calibers.

Old habits die hard. Even when we’re all wearing powered cans, even during a ceasefire to reset targets, I tend to shout at my fellow gunners.

Thus ends the first month of FTF. How ya like it? Don’t worry, there’s more coming. A lot more. Also, I’ve started using actual photos, artistically tweaked, as backgrounds. Because I am a lazy, horrible monster.

So… this is a thing in the UK, apparently. AR-15 bolt action. That’s just… interesting, but wrong on so many levels for me. This is not what this firearm was designed for. But I’d still like to shoot one, if only to see how it stacks up against a Mini-14.