I wonder how many people get the joke in the first panel.

As I explained to more than a few people: This comic is not just for shooters. Sometimes, I’m gonna get instructional. I’ll try to keep the instruction fresh and new, but there will be sound gun advice in these comics. For the noobs to gun culture, you dig?

And yes, I DO stand behind Mick’s statements here. Unless it’s seriously malfunctioning, a firearm CANNOT fire unless something pulls the trigger. I see stupid-ass news articles all the time stating someone “Dropped the gun and it went off.” Horseshit. The dude obviously was adjusting the gun in his waistband and accidentally pulled the trigger. A dropped gun does NOT just “go off.” Want proof? Try this video, where a guy drags a cocked Glock for a mile behind his truck, and it is still cocked and ready to fire afterwards.

Your finger + Trigger = Negligent Discharge. Nothing else.

Why I like the AK: