THE PLOT! IT HAS BEEN TWISTED! But only a little. More of a minor twinge than an actual sprain. Depending on which kind of gun culture you hang out in, you either know exactly where this story arc is going, or you have zero clue. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

OK, WTF? We had almost twice our normal readership yesterday, but I see nothing new in the referrer logs. What’s the deal? I like that our readership is expanding, but I don’t see HOW. Enlighten me? Where are you people coming from?

So, it seems the Kel-Tec KSG has some competition now. I love the idea of tactical bullpup 12 gauge shotguns. This thing? I’d need to fire it. Looks interesting. The only thing I don’t like is that you’d have to take out the cylinder to reload. One the awesome things about most shotguns, including the KSG, is that you can reload without dropping a mag.

On another note: I received my 5.11 TDK last week, and I have to say: outstanding. Comfy as hell, a fraction of the cost of a Utilikilt. Really solid workmanship, great quality, and 5.11 no longer has them for sale. This cannot stand. Had I known, I would have ordered 3. If anyone from 5.11 is reading this: PLEASE BRING BACK THE TACTICAL KILT. You have a market. You have a great product. We, the customers, will give you cash money. PLEASE BRING THIS ITEM BACK! I like wearing a kilt. It’s comfy as FUCK, YO.

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