I like the way this one came out – Mel wrote the dialogue. Mick can’t have it both ways. This is apparently something a lot of poly folks run into the first time out.

So this Government Shutdown thing is retarded, in my mind. Not because of what the GOP is protesting, but because these fucking maggots on both sides of the aisles can continue to get paid while doing NOTHING. Their salaries are not tiny. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. These assholes get paid. That shit needs to stop. A Govt shutdown should only be allowed if the politicians involved in the shutdown get no pay – not back pay when the shutdown stops, but no money at all during the time the shutdown occurs.

In the meantime, they’re gone, I’m still in charge. I hereby command every able-bodied man, woman, and child to invade Canada. For the Greater Good.

Re: Archangel Mosin Stock
Dammit, now I do want one. I WILL DRESS UP OLGA.