More and more gun shops are doing this kind of thing, and I’m really happy that they are.

Here in Texas, all of the ranges locally have guns for rent. I’ve gotten to try more than a few odd calibers and models over the years because of this, including the .38 sp Ruger LCR.

If you follow that link, you’ll see they now make it in .22 LR, something we discovered when we went to Cheaper Than Dirt the other day. (Hey, if you’re looking for people who keep abreast of gun news on a daily basis, this is the wrong blog. Check our links for people who do that sort of thing.) So help me, I’m going to fire this thing sometime very soon. I’m not a fan of the .38 LCR as a target shooting gun – it was slightly less pleasant than beating on my hand with a hammer, and I stopped after 20 rounds – but I can see how it would be a good carry weapon, which is what it’s designed for. .22, OTOH, should be fun. Will let ya know.