When I take my friends shooting for the first time, they invariably find out that movies and TV are full of lies. Pistols aren’t magically accurate, and most firearms are very, very loud. Accuracy takes practice. Magazines run out quickly.

But if there’s one thing the media gets right, it’s that lovely sound of a pump shotgun being cycled. Delicious.
(This is not to say that I believe you should buy a shotgun for “the intimidation factor” of that sound. That’s a load of crap. I keep my Mossberg with one in the pipe – any home intruder will, if he’s really attentive, hear only the click of the safety release. If they hear that pumping sound, they’ve already heard something much louder immediately beforehand.)

Seems fall is in the air in North Texas right now. If only it could be like this all summer. There are about 9 weeks out of the year, in spring and fall, when living here is a paradise. The rest of the year… ehn, we suffer through the heat with cold beer and a swimming pool.

Here’s a damned fine article on Glocks. Check it out.

This comic touches on one of the reasons I prefer the Mossberg line of pump shotguns: ergonomics. The debate has been raging forever on which shotgun is the best for defense, and will likely continue as long as these firearms exist. Start the conversation, and some people froth over the Remington 870, some say Benelli’s Supernova cures cancer and makes bad guys drop dead in fright, there’s a growing number of people willing to rage if you say anything bad about the H&R Pardner, Winchester will always have a big following for the Defender or 1200/1300 models, etc.

Here’s the thing: I’ve fired all of these. I’ve owned some of them. And guess what? In a pinch, all of them will do the job as long as you’re familiar with the weapon. A 12 pump is pretty much the same all the way across the board – most will chamber 5+1 shells of 00 buck, there’s a pump slide release button, and a safety. Most of them are under $350 brand new, for the basic models, and you can pick any of these up at a gun show or pawn shop in good condition for less than $200.

The ONLY reasons I prefer the Mossbergs (even the Mav 88) are:
– On the Moss 500, the safety is located in a place where you don’t have to use your trigger finger to pop it.
– On either the Maverick 88 or the 500, I can (just barely) reach the slide release with my finger without stretching too terribly far from ready position.

That’s it. Unless you’re in a tactical situation, neither of these things really matter. So find the shotgun you like, and get it.

On that note, I liked this vid.