This strip and the next made me realize that I’d goofed. Originally, the name of the shop (in the very first comic, even) was “Cheap AS Your Mom”. Somewhere along the line, as I drew more and more strips, it became “Cheaper THAN Your Mom”, and I had to go back and edit the first strip to reflect this.

On the subject of eye/ear protection:

I do still know a few “hardcore gunners” (they both did stints in the military in the 1970s) who eschew such things. They’re being stupid. I did a lot of shooting in my youth without proper eye and ear barriers, and I’m paying for it now. My hearing is slightly damaged – only a tiny bit, but we were firing thousands of rounds of .22 LR. If I could go back, I would have never gone plinking without at least plugs in my damn ears. And I would never, ever fire my .357 without something to protect, unless my life was on the line. I have a funny story about that – the time I nearly got in a fistfight at a local range. Tell it another time.

Some people mistake the concept of eye protection as “protection against a bullet.” This is inaccurate. Eye protection with guns is not for stopping a bullet. That’s silly. With extremely few exceptions, a pair of goggles or glasses are NOT going to stop a bullet fired at you. Glasses are to protect you against other dangers – a bouncing, hot, ejected shell flying back in your face, for instance. Or a ricochet. Or a revolver spitting hot powder out the sides. Do you need it, most times? No. But the times it protects your eyes, you will be DAMNED happy to have it on.