Let me be clear:

If you ever object to anything I write, draw, or say, using the words “that triggers me”?

We’re done.

If you’re over the age of 21, you’ve likely seen some shit. You’ve experienced trauma. This is not a strawman argument – I have had more than a dozen people, usually within the ages of 20-25, object to something in my ways with those exact words.

The people saying this are being fucking insulting when they say it.

First, they’re insinuating that the traumas they’ve experienced are obviously SO MUCH WORSE than the bad times the person they’re objecting to has experienced. This is usually a very incorrect assumption.

Secondly, they’re demanding that others kowtow to their trauma, rather than learning to deal with it themselves. Nope. Fuck that. I won’t do it. Life’s tough. You either pick yourself up and go on, or you suffer needlessly, long after the trauma occurred.

Don’t ask me what brought this on. Someone pissed me off.

If clowns trigger you, I hope you watch this: