Oho! A plot twist! This one was also a long time coming. Yes, there will be some various Alex and Mick action coming up. Involving guns. And television shows. And (hehehe) a dried gelfite fish.

O hay, there’s this thing: I keep ending up in other webcomics as a cameo. Not one of my characters, but me, as a character. And look at that! Blair decided to put me in as part of the background noise of Star Cross’d Destiny! I’ve lusted after known “Juno” for years, and she is a great person overall. Rather scary, really, in her creative abilities. Total Renaissance Woman. Artist, musician, comics nerd. She now joins the ranks of Shinga, Jennie, and Fred, as someone who has put me in their comic.

Yes, Blair really is that talented. And hawt.

[edit] WTF, I dunno WHY the site keeps losing database connection tonight. If you can read this, this is the third time I had to manually tell it to reconnect. Stand by for further info.

[edit 2] Ah, the lovely folks at Hostgator tried to upgrade MySQL servers tonight, and it boned out on them. Site’s back up, at least.