I am a horrible monster and I should pray for my own death. This strip contains not one, but two horrible puns, one of them being the title.

I apologize for nothing. My hideous ways are what they are.

So Reports are coming in that these babies are starting to ship. $200 is more than my Mosin AND its ammo cost, ye gods, but… man, my credit card is itchy just looking at that link. RIFLE IS FINE, yes, I know, but hot damn, I wanna sexy-fy a Mosin like that. I dunno. Your thoughts?

Oh, hey, Paige Halsey Warren has a new webcomic. Woot! I don’t expect the women in it to be as tit-tacular as her previous work, but you never know.

EDIT: The site’s hosting provider is having some odd connectivity issues right now. Of course, if you’re reading this, the site loaded…

EDIT THE 2: Hello, people from AR15.com! Jesus, there are a lot of you.