Wow. Hello, new readers, most of you from Over the weekend, you managed to slashdot the site to hell and back. Not a complaint! I like having readers. But I did alter the site so that it would stop dying and our webhost would quit screaming bloody murder at us. Woke up today to several emails from them, basically telling me to get our php under control or our lives were forfeit.

Still recovering from a friend’s birthday party where strange food was served. And alcohol. A lot of alcohol. Enough to make me eat bugs, century eggs (surprisingly good!), and powdered ghost pepper (FUCKING HELL NO NEVER AGAIN MY GOD OW). Happy birthday, Sarah!

On the way home this morning, I passed Cabela’s, and figured I’d check their ammo. Shit be coming back, yo. Grabbed 200 rds of 7.62 x 39 HP for $5 a box, they had mountains of it. Also huge piles of .223/5.56, tons of .45 ACP, .40 S&W, hell, the ammo aisles were pretty damn well stocked at pre-scare prices. (Also grabbed some bulk 12 ga 00, because I can never get enough.) The only things they were out of were, you guessed it: 9mm and 22LR. The latter was a ghost.

Also very nearly grabbed a Hi-Point .45, because I am a ridiculous fucker and they had a used one for $140. Then I realized that I would do better by nailing my dick to the bumper of a Ford F150 and telling the driver to step on the gas. I thought the C9 was huge and awful, but the 45 was like handling a brick glued to a brick.

Going to the ranch sometime soon, will blow up shit and post pics and vids.