I am hereby calling this past 30 days the Winter of my Discontent. First a bad chest cold, then the flu. Ugh.

But taking a day off work for the flu meant finally catching up on The Walking Dead via Netflix.

I’m not saying this comic is what actually happened. But I suspect there’s SOME grain of truth in it. Put simply: Mel and I were HUGE fans of TWD for YEARS before we saw, at Comic Con a few years back, that AMC was making a series of it. And we were overjoyed, but we also suspected that, well, the actual comic couldn’t possibly be shown on AMC. No way. The censors would shit bricks.

Guess what? If you really like TWD, the TV series, then once it’s done, go ahead nad grab TWD, the original graphic novel series. Don’t worry about the TV show spoiling it for you, because the TV show has not a god damned thing to do with the comics. Nothing. It starts out similar, which I still maintain is pure coincidence, and then everything goes all over the fucking place. The TV show is the PBS version of Kirkman’s story, as presented by Steve and Blue. The comics are…. darker.