I really, REALLY hate Diane Feinstein. Sincerely. (I do feel bad for how bad the art is in this strip – I drew it while feeling very poorly, but you get the idea.) I drew Obama as a demon as a joke – hell, I voted for him both times because the alternatives were worse. But I’m pretty sure that Feinstein is a fucking lich. Her political career should have died 20 years ago, her actual body should have corrupted and fallen to a pile of ash around 1970. She bathes in the blood of the unborn, eats fetuses as her exclusive diet, soaking up their souls as she shuffles toward Bethlehem. She is the absolutely worst kind of Democrat. Wants to ban handguns, but carries a pistol. A member of the top 2% of the nation, so fucking out of touch with the rest of the world that she thinks only her opinions matter.

I’m saying I dislike her, and heap all the derision I can upon her. Because she hasn’t done ANYTHING noteworthy in the last decade, but she pulls shit like this, and suddenly her hideous visage is back in the spotlight.

She is a hypocrite, and exists only to be distrusted and shamed, in my world. People can rage all they like bout public welfare (which I support wholeheartedly), but I think they should be more upset that this horrible monster has been living on the public tax dime this entire time.

Ah, but wait until I get to Biden. Hee hee.

ADD: OMFG, Obama speaks, and within one hour, every semi-auto rifle on Cheaper Than Dirt’s site is sold the fuck out.