Let’s open THAT bag of worms!

I argue about firearms a lot. My buddy Jake, for instance, can attest that I will vociferously defend the 2A outright. I don’t believe in gun control legislation as a concept. It’s horseshit.

The main reason I believe this is that I can, with a phone call to one of several shady friends, go buy a black market firearm. A pistol or rifle they’ll sell me at a minor discount, since the piece has a terrible scratch on the serial number. From when it fell off a passing truck. I’m not a gang member, I’m not a coke dealer, I’m not a felon. But I know people. Not even terribly impressive people. (Sorry, B.) Just dime-store criminals who happen to sell guns. (I DON’T buy weapons from these people, because I’m a law-abiding citizen.)

But the secondary reason I’m against gun control is that, if you really understand guns, you can build your own. I’m not even talking about gun-making parties like that where you make your own machined rifle. I’m saying that if you truly understand how firearms work, you can make one on your own with inexpensive hardware. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who understands how firearms work can make one out of very basic hardware.

Is what Mick is doing here legal? Absolutely not. But people do it all the time. I may have (allegedly) made a functioning .410 shotgun ages ago with $25 worth of hardware and 6 hours of sweat. It (allegedly) worked. It wasn’t a tack-driver (allegedly), no, but it (allegedly) got the job done at close range and didn’t blow up in my hands. (allegedly)

Gun control laws exist on the idea that we can’t make projectile weapons on our own, outside of the law. And that’s bullshit.