As someone who fires, from time to time, a large-bore (10 ga) shotgun in a shorter barrel (18.5″), I can attest… oh lawd. It’s not even the fireball. I gave Mel a steampunked out (but fully functional) 10 ga H&R one year as an Xmas gift. Fucking thing is a monster. She loves firing it. I hate it. The recoil is like being roundhouse kicked in the shoulder – the lighter barrel does NOTHING to dampen that fucking shoulder cannon. And the muzzle flash? Good lord. It’s like staring at the sun for a second. This firearm, among our friends, has gained the nickname of “the fuckstick”, because everyone who fires it for the first time yells “FUCK” after the recoil.

Mel loves it. Then again, she used to earn trophies in full-contact TKD competitions.

Muzzle Flash!

Also: We’ll be at Aggiecon 45 this weekend. If you’re in the area, come see us!