I know most of my readers are used to “fag jokes” from Tom and such, but I’ve been looking forward to doing this strip in particular since the conception of this comic. So I get a little artsy. Suck it up, buttercups, we’ll get back to dick jokes and gun humor in the coming days.

This strip in particular is one of several big reveals about Alex, and it’s based on a gal I dated decades ago who was heavily scarred. Burn victim, bigass scars across her back and legs. I loved those scars. They were a source of very real pain to her at their creation, and very real emotional pain years later, when we met. I loved them. I thought they were sexy as hell. I loved kissing them and nibbling them. It was a long goddamn time before she let me take her to bed with the lights on.

If you were wondering about the soundtrack, if this comic were a live action film? This song. This would be the soundtrack for this sex scene.

God bless the internet for allowing me to link shit like that.