Chances are, you’ve been there.

The person you want to take to bed is at your place. There’s chemistry. But how do you make the first move?

As a man with some experience in this venue, I can honestly state: When a woman takes charge for that first move, it’s fucking hawt. It’s awesome. We live in a society, here in the USA, where a man has to second guess his timing on making the first move. A woman taking initiative removes all doubt. And it is a glorious thing.

Any of you who think this tale is going to be a perfect romance with Alex and Mick, I will give a minute spoiler here: You’re dead wrong. Uwah ha ha. I’m a bastard.

Ran across this video. Any of you recent members of the Devil Dogs want to confirm that this ridiculous video is actually part of USMC training? I find it hard to believe. The video has great info for a civilian who’s never handled a rifle, but I figured the USMC would rely on live fire training, not a video like this.

[edit to add]: On further thought, I don’t even think this video is good for an uninitiated civilian shooter. I guess I just don’t see the point of the film, as it doesn’t really do much of anything for the new shooter. It’s like watching a training film on how to drive a speedboat. You won’t learn how to do it until you actually get your hands on the speedboat.

PS: Tomorrow’s comic, although not explicitly NSFW, is a bit R-rated and involves sex. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.