I take my friends shooting. A lot. As a political moderate who leans heavily left on social issues, most of my friends are in the same camp. Many of them, I have discovered over the years, have never fired a weapon in their adult life before they met me. Many of them note exactly what Mick says in this strip: they have an uncle, or other friend or family member, that let them shoot a rifle in their youth.

So I take them shooting and give them proper instruction on muzzle discipline, trigger discipline, stance, etc. And I watch their faces light up along the way. Because, as is noted on the Box O’Truth repeatedly: Shooting stuff is fun.

This video just cracked me up. I’m not a fan of Michael Moore at all, and this gives an idea why. He likes to twist the truth, and ignore realities that go against his arguments. For instance, insisting that the Constitution was written in the 1700s, therefore all people of a constitutional bent must want to live like people did in the 1700s.

Our founding fathers weren’t stupid. Moore’s argument completely ignores that we can amend the Constitution legally, if lawmakers, who are elected by the public, want it. And the reality is: the majority of Americans are completely AGAINST gun control. Any attempt to repeal the 2nd amendment will result in a massive backlash.

I found this video fascinating.