That line is from a friend of mine back in 2004. Dunno why, but the line popped into my head today for the first time in years, and just hit me as something Joe would say.

So this is a thing that launched yesterday. About damn time, I say, although I’m still reading up on whether this new org be good or bad medicine. I’m tired of the NRA being the only major group on the field, as they tend to take shit to a silly level in their rhetoric over the last 12 years. I understand that the NRA is a necessary silliness, and I’m glad they lobby and campaign to protect 2nd Amendment rights. But I do think there should be MORE players on the field in this fight.

This is the dumbest shit I have seen in a loooooong time. Warning: This video may cause your brain to escape out of your ears in an attempt to escape from the stupidity.

[ADD] Yeah, I think you guys are right. This is stinkin’ up Denmark. It’s one thing to be a moderate gun rights advocate. It’s another to publicly support anti-gun groups and legislation.