200th comic! Woot! And I have yet to actually miss an update. Urgh.

I do not actually disparage anyone who buys a RB .454. Hell, I’d like to own one. I’d have damned little use for it other than plinking, and MAYBE hunting, uh, mountain ranges, but I’d like to have one. The only problem with them, in my opinion, is the ammo price. It would be slightly less expensive to shoot solid gold bullets out of a .22 LR. They also make a snubbie of the Model 454, and that’s where I look at it and feel my eyebrows creep up my forehead, as I only think one, all-encompassing word: WHY?

Thanks for keeping up on the comic, folks. It’s been an exhausting week. And next month, we do Comic Con International again. Ye gods.

Oh hey, here’s a video from a musician we got to hang out with at A-Kon:

Erica is a goddamn peach of a gal, and we look forward to hanging out with her again. She’s saucy, quick-witted, and cute as all-get-out. And her music is pretty damn amazing. I don’t have a crush on her like I do Nathaniel Johnstone (may his kilt never fail), but it’s a close thing.