This story arc will be based on something that happened last year. Indeed.

So I just found this guy’s vids, and I gotta say, he’s a laugh fucking riot. I don’t agree with everything he says, but his videos are thought out, and more importantly, funny.

For those waiting for it… The PRISM debacle is sincerely pissing me off. A lot. To the point that it has shifted my political leanings. Some of you know that I have defended Obama in the past – especially against teabaggers screaming that he was a Socialist Kenyan Nazi Nigger Jew Lizard. I voted for him both times – the first time readily, because he actually seemed to be on board with changing the system. The second time, I held my nose and voted for him, because fuck Mitt Romney.

But I can’t fucking defend Obama saying that “moderate intrusion on your privacy” is okay. I fucking can’t. I was willing to overlook his minor failures at first, but this? I can’t hang with this. At all. This is Aldous Huxley’s vision made real, and the government isn’t even TRYING to act like the 4th amendment applies anymore. This is how tyranny begins. This is how a surveillance police state is started. I’m nowhere close to OK with this. God damn it. Fuck Obama, fuck the current members of Congress. Fuck the entire current government.

Don’t worry – there will be comics about my take on it. And I will make them vicious. It’s what I do.