You want more comics about guns, you say? I SHALL DELIVER.

God, there is something wrong with me. I showed this comic to Mel and our roommate, and was slapped upside the head. No regrets.

Here’s more bad jokes.

The comic really does go back to being about guns on Monday, I swear.

EDIT: Well, that was completely and totally fucked.

Back when the site was getting hammered with traffic at the beginning of the month, I tried a couple of caching plugins for WordPress. One of those was WP Super Cache. Didn’t like it, left it deactivated.

Today, I tried to delete it from the site. And boom, the site bricked. I didn’t notice. Ha. Hoboy. Not only did deleting it brick the site, the entire time it was down, it DUMPED MY DB USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO A TEXT PAGE THAT EVERYONE SAW WHILE THE SITE WAS DOWN.

AWESOME. I was able to fix it all, and change the creds, but that was a huge security hole for about an hour.

DO NOT use WP Super Cache. This plugin is revolting.